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Dr. Monica Parsheera is a renowned Pain expert who has treated thousands of patients around the globe, creating mental and physical health transformations, with her healing hands

Her Accomplishments

B.P.T, M.P.T(Neurology), D.O.M.P Osteopathy (Russia, Luxembourg) R.Y.T-200(U.S. alliance). She has successfully completed her 2 research works. Her first research dealt with, combining yoga and physiotherapy, where she successfully proved that uniting yoga and physiotherapy had more effective and rapid, recovery rate. Her other research work dealt with treatment given to stroke patient to improve limb functions.



Her Global And Varied Work Experience

She has been very fortunate to work with people from all walks of life, from oriental to occidental, rural to cosmopolitan people in countries and all age groups.She has paid her service in Kazakhstan, Russia, south Korea,Indonesia, Dubai and India, who in return enriched her experience and polished her new skills. She tours extensively in various countries, conducting health camps, workshops and gives guest lectures.


Her goal is Long term happiness that comes from a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit which leads to contentment and a fulfilling Life. Dr.Monika travels extensively to various parts of nation to cure chronic and lifestyle diseases, with combined knowledge of yoga and physiotherapy. Her unique and holistic approach to Wellness comprises elements of Yoga, Nadi Chikitsa , Ayurveda massage and physiotherapy to minimise the use of medicines to least.